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Nemo is an illustrator and animator currently based out of Minneapolis. He was born in Sundance Wyoming and grew up traveling the US, making his way overseas to live in Japan and Mexico and living in the Bay Area of California for a number of years before settling in Minnesota where he now resides with his cat Scum. He holds a BFA from UC Davis as well as an insatiable lust for challenge and opportunity. 



  "I used to believe that the place of art was to show people how to live a good life and be better people, to themselves as well as others, a way to make right what is so clearly wrong in our world. 

   Now that I have grown older, I realize that there is no 'one way' we should live our lives. We alone can define what is good and right for ourselves, and what is right or good for one person is not automatically so for another. 
Art is the way that I make myself into a better person. I make art to serve others' needs without the attachments or trappings of personal fame. My art is not dogma spread throughout a multifaceted world with an ever increasing need for diverse solutions and peoples, honorable in its intentions yet naive and at times cruel in its delivery, but work done for and in celebration of the variety that is not only the world, but ourselves as well. I embrace at once the lightness of out world and the harsh realities of it as fact rather than circumstance to be navigated around. My art is, has been, and will be. We are the craftsmen of our dreams and our memories."


It was a pleasure working with Nemo! He’s a talented designer, consummate professional, and a valuable creative collaborator. He came up with some killer concepts for our music festival. We would have been stoked to have used any of them. He refined the one we chose and then developed it into assets we could use in every medium across all platforms – printed flyers and posters, social media admats for Facebook and Instagram, and silkscreened tees. I’m not exaggerating when I say Nemo was a big reason why our event exceeded all expectations. We look forward to working with Nemo again.


-Daniel Strickland  Producer, Event Director

We’ve worked with Nemo on several pieces for our band Tiny Massive and we were thrilled with all of them!  He made us an awesome t-shirt graphic, sticker graphic, show poster and album cover.  Nemo’s work is very professional and he works extremely fast!  Although his work oozes with his own (super rad) style, he also takes input and direction really well.  We brought him concepts and elemental ideas and he returned highly crafted, psychedelic amazingness.  Two thumbs up, extremely likely to recommend to a friend, 5 stars all the way!

-Tyler H Brown  Tiny Massive


Jesse Pruet, aka Nemo, is one of those rare individuals who personifies an intersection of talent and heart. He's an artist who brings it every damn time when it comes to eye catching imagery and somehow finds time to help out other artists in need. From show posters to classic album art, Nemo's been our go-to graphic designer for the past few years and we consider ourselves lucky to work with him. 

-Brooks Dierker  The HA


Nemo has been a major asset to Gulch Alley Presents events for 4 years now.  He brings fresh ideas within the specifications and requests we throw at him and always finds a terrific balance.  Nemo is a tremendous talent and we're honored to work with him."

-Adam Dragland   Dragland, Gulch Alley Presents

Nemo is my "go to" for all of my art and design projects. From t-shirts, album covers, posters, logos and more....even the tattoo on my chest! His understanding and usage of countless mediums, powerful imagery, combined with a continually surprising originality, makes him an easy choice every time. I always look forward to the next reason i have to work with him.

-Micheal D Carney  Lost Alley Records, Gold Minor


I’ve worked with Nemo on two very different projects and had great results on both. He’s creative, takes direction well and is obviously talented. I look forward to doing more work with him.

-Scott Mickelson  Artist/Producer


Over the years I've met many talented, creative designers that could not hit a deadline. And many extremely professional ones who didn't have a creative bone in their body. Nemo is the rare combination of both, a true artist that can funnel his talents to my vision, on budget and on time. 

-Andrew Phelan  Prismatic

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